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On this website, jk-ware prepares his products over his covenanter share-it! available for Download.

Advantages of a Download:

  • fast, world-wide delivery-course

  • Payment with credit card, check, remittance, etc.: hints to the order-course with share-it!

  • the coupon code for all products with Color LIFE and Universe of LIFE is "Superstar".

Our new Download-Products for .Net-Framework

  • for all computers with .Net Framework 4.0 from Windows 7 upward

  • the release version can be switched free after the product-acquisition with a license-file

  • all versions are available for a course on different operating systems also in a zip-file

Download-Product for .Net Framework



PowerXGames Theater 5.5

22373 KB

29,90 €

Blocker Plains 5.0

10572 KB

14,90 €

Universe of LIFE Theater 5.4

9885 KB

29,90 €

Universe of LIFE 5.1

9113 KB

19,90 €

Color LIFE Sound Theater 5.3

8112 KB

19,90 €

Color LIFE Sound 5.1

7587 KB

14,90 €

Color LIFE 5.0

2548 KB

9,90 €

jk-ware Perpetuum mobile Theater 5.2

5572 KB

19,40 €

Perpetuum mobile 5.0

4847 KB

14,90 €

Our actual Download-Products for PC-Windows

  • required operating system Windows™ XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32 and 64 Bit versions)

  • program-languages: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

  • for the PC-Hardware is valid: the faster, the better

Download-Product for Windows




jk-ware Theater 4.0

6900 KB

24,90 €


jk-ware 3.3

8708 KB

14,90 €


Our Download-Products for Windows-CE

  • necessary operating system: Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows CE 3.0

  • supported processors: Arm/XScale, Mips, SH3 and X86

  • program-languages: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

  • detailed information on our product-side for CE / Pocket PC with the test-versions to the course-control on your CE-Device !

Download-Product for Windows CE



jk-ware 3.3 for Windows Mobile / Pocket PC
(including the three following single packets)

24941 KB

14,90 €

Blocker Plains 3.3 for the Pocket PC

17131 KB

7,40 €

Color LIFE 3.3 Versions for the Pocket PC

1738 KB

7,40 €

Perpetuum mobile 3.3 Versions for the Pocket PC

6214 KB

7,40 €

Older Download-Products for PC-Windows, which partially run out correctly only with particular adjustments

  • required operating system Windows™ XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 Bit versions)

  • Installation course only for 32 Bit operating systems!

  • For the program start of Blocker, the animation course can be stopped using only the keyboard and not the mouse or the stylus!

  • All programs should be started as administrator, since the initialization-file is not updated otherwise.

  • With Blocker and Perpetuum mobile is perhaps no synchronized game-course with the graphic-card possible.

  • further restrictions with the programs of the versions 2.1 and 3.0:

  • only German operator-surface and help-text

  • Blocker 3.0 can be started under 7/Windows™ Vista only in the compatibility-mode of Windows XP. Change the start-adjustment for Block3_0.exe over Properties / Compatibility to this.

Download-Product for Windows




jk-ware 3.1

24653 KB

9,90 €


Blocker, Color LIFE and Springende Bδlle 3.0

11029 KB

7,40 €


Blocker, Color LIFE and Springende Bδlle 2.1

10582 KB

4,90 €


jk-ware 2.0 (32 Bit) 

2061 KB

3,00 €


Blocker, Color LIFE and Springende Bδlle 1.2

1131 KB



Our Download-Products for Software-Developer

  • details to the necessary requests on our side for developers

Download-Product for Software-Developer




jk-ware Multimedia-Projectworkspace 4.0

18054 KB

59,90 €


jk-ware Projektworkspace 3.0

6623 KB

29,90 €


jk-ware Basisworkspace 2.0 

9089 KB

39,90 €


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Windows 7 Download Member of Softpicks.Net - software downloads and reviews portal Awards From Download2PC jk-ware Theater 100% clean award IT Shareware - Software library, offer you quality freeware and shareware.

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jk-ware is happy to be able to offer further Software as branch over element 5 !

Advantages of a Download:

Heed please that the following games do not belong to the responsibility-area of jk-ware, Dipl. -Ing. R. Jakob:

Download-Product for Windows


Mystic Match

Create blocks and strings of two or more identical images and pop them off the screen.

3D Magic Mahjongg Gold Edition

Play Mahjongg Solitaire in amazing 3D environments, like chinese temple environment with torchlight illuminating the playing tiles!

3D Magic Mahjongg

Play Mahjongg Solitaire in amazing 3D environments.

3D Magic Mahjongg Holidays

Supremely easy to learn but hard to stop playing! For anyone who has ever played a variation of Mahjongg and liked it, you'll love 3D Magic Mahjongg Holidays Edition! Non-violent and fun for all ages.


Put three or more bubbles of the same color together so that they burst and disappear from the playing field.

Lost Idols - Puzzle Crusade

In this puzzle/adventure game, Golden Idols have been stolen from sacred monasteries.

NoLimits Rollercoaster Simulation

NoLimits is the ultimate roller coaster simulation game that lets you experience authentic roller coaster thrills.


Challenge your logical skills with space themed puzzle game Pathfinder. Guide your space fleet back to your home base.


Is it Arkanoid? Is it Breakout? Is it Pinball? Is it Pong?
No. It's PLOING ! A unique mix of arcade classics put in a fantastic 3D environment.

Sammy Suricate

Sammy Suricate is a family-friendly 3D Jump and Run game.

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